Municipal Financial Report (MFR) Training Videos

These training videos walk you through electronically filing (e-filing) the MFR Form CT with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. MFR Form C filers may also view this training since the forms are similar.


Part 1Full presentation (including Introduction to MFR e-file form)1:10:15
Part 2Getting started3:58
Part 3Indebtedness3:07
Part 4Tax roll reconciliation9:29
Part 5Revenues17:20
Part 6Expenditures11:21
Part 7Financial report reconciliation5:42
Part 8Proprietary funds2:08
Part 9Attachments and submitting the form3:51

Downloading videos - if you use dial-up or another low performance Internet service, start the video, then immediately pause it. This allows time for the full video to download before viewing. You will see a full gray bar at the bottom of the video when it is ready.

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