Wisconsin County and Municipalities Financial Report

​​Sec. 86.303(5)(c), Wis. Stats.

  1. Who is required to file a Financial Report?

  2. When is the filing deadline for MFR?

  3. How are municipalities and counties notified that the MFR form is available for filing?

  4. What documents are required to complete this report?

  5. Will I be charged a penalty if I file this report late?

  6. Can I amend the e-filed report?

  7. Why are some values on the MFR auto-filled; can I change these values?

  8. I'm having trouble with the Tax Roll Reconciliation page (Section B). What should I do?

  9. My report does not balance. What should I do?

  10. What enhancements to the MFR were introduced in 2020?

  11. How do I file the U.S. Census Bureau Annual Financial Report (Form F-65)?


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