2017 Statement of Assessment – Now Available

May 5, 2017

To: Municipal Clerks and Treasurers
      County Clerks, Treasurers, and Real Property Listers

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) posted the 2017 Statement of Assessment (SOA) on our website. You must electronically file (e-file) the SOA using our e-file form or file transfer.

General form information

  • Due date: June 12, 2017, or after your Board of Review (BOR)
  • You do not need to inform us if your BOR is held after June 12, 2017
  • Assessed values:
    • SOA is a summary of each district's assessed value (real and personal property)
    • Provide an assessed value for each district, even if it has no tax levy
  • SOA also includes parcel counts and acreage of exempt real property

Getting Started (to e-file)

E-file form

  • New platform!
    • SOA e-file form is updated and now requires email authorization
    • Same reporting requirements with a new look and feel
    • Works with any browser
  • Accessing the form:
    • The first time you access the form, you are asked to enter your email address
    • Go to the email message with the subject "Login authorization link" and click the provided link
    • Select the SOA and begin filing
  • Filing the form:
    • Complete the form, save and/or print a copy for your records
    • You must enter an amount in each required field
    • Managed Forest Land (MFL) and Private Forest Crop acres are auto-filled in the e-file form. The acres are provided by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. If the acres are incorrect, you can change them and provide an explanation in the "Comments" section of the form.
    • If the school districts, technical colleges and/or special districts are listed incorrectly, you must contact DOR

File transfer

  • Your text file must follow the current SOA File Layout
  • DOR cannot process files with incorrect district codes
  • Do not include manufacturing values in your file
  • You must include the assessor name and accurate phone number
  • Receipt number is confirmation your file was sent to DOR. If we are unable to process it, we will contact you.

Why is accurate filing important?

  • DOR uses SOA values to certify school district, technical college and special district Equalized Values; this process begins September 1
  • If we do not receive a completed SOA, we will estimate the assessment data based on the prior year SOA values
  • DOR posts all final SOAs on our website. After a final SOA is posted, you may still amend it, if needed. However, we will not update the final SOA on our website or calculate a new aggregate ratio.
  • If you submit an amended SOA, DOR will process it and you should use the corrected values to calculate tax rates

If you have questions, contact us at lgs@wisconsin.gov.