Reminder - April 1: M-Form Extended Deadline Approaching

March 23, 2022

To: Manufacturers, Real Estate Owners and Preparers


  • A timely filing extension request was previously received for the account identified in the subject line
  • Disregard this reminder if you already filed your 2022 M-Form
  • Annual filing of M-Forms is a statutory requirement for all state-assessed manufacturers

IMPORTANT – Note to Recipient

Your email address is associated with the manufacturing account identified in the subject line as a company contact or an authorized user within the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's (DOR) Manufacturing Assessment System (MAS).

Take action – if you are the:

April 1 – Extended Filing Deadline (2022 Forms M-L, M-P, M-R)

We would like to remind state-assessed manufacturing property owners who requested an extension to file 2022 Manufacturing Property Returns (M-Forms) of the upcoming April 1 extended due date.

Late Filing Penalty

If you do not file your M-Form or file it late, you will receive a non-filing penalty and lose the right to appeal your assessment. See Late filing penalty.


To avoid a delayed response, contact the district office in your area.