E-Filing Manufacturing Forms (M-Forms)

​​​​The Wisconsin Department of Revenue is making enhancements and upgrades to our manufacturing filing. All manufacturing forms (M-Forms) are movin​g from Manufacturing Assessment System (MAS) into My Tax Account (MTA) for the 2023 filing season. 

MTA Benefits

Familiar – the changeover to MTA consolidates tax filing to a system most businesses already use to file and pay business taxes

Ease of use – MTA allows authorized users to complete many tasks, such as:

  • Request extensions
  • File returns
  • Make penalty payments
  • Modify and manage user access
  • Secure – no downloading forms using third-party software

Next Steps
​You or your representative must be registered as a user in MTA to e-file your manufacturing forms. If you or your representative are:

  • Already have an MTA login – you don't need to do anything at this time
  • Don't have an MTA login – do the following to create a username and password


  • M-Forms – will be live in MTA in mid-January 2023
  • MAS – you will longer file in MAS, however, your historical filings will still be available for review
Form Information

Due Date - March 1, 2023
​You must file your M-Form or extension request on or before March 1, 2023.

Other Online Services

For more information or if you have trouble e-filing your M-form, contact the DOR Manufacturing & Utility District Office in your area.​