Manufacturing Forms

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NOTE: 2019 Manufacturing Property Returns (Form M-P, M-R and M-L) and instructions available January 2019 | E-File Information | Online Filing

Form; Form-Flat; Form-SLF-ManTelco-Manu; Form-SLF-PropertyAssessmentPA-105Agent Authorization - Property Assessment (3/18)
Form; Form-Fill-In; Form-SLF-ManTelco-ManuPA-105 (Fill-In Form)Agent Authorization - Property Assessment Fillable PDF
Form; Form-Fill-In; Form-SLF-ManTelco-Manu; Form-SLF-ManTelco-ObjectPA-130 (Fill-In Form)Objection to Manufacturing Classification Decision
Form; Form-SLF-ManTelco-Manu; Form-SLF-ManTelco-Object; Form-Fill-InPA-131 (Fill-In Form)Objection to Manufacturing Personal Property Assessment
Form; Form-Fill-In; Form-SLF-ManTelco-Manu; Form-SLF-ManTelco-ObjectPA-132 (Fill-In Form)Objection to Manufacturing Real Estate Assessment
Form; Form-Fill-In; Form-SLF-ManTelco-Manu; Form-SLF-ManTelco-ObjectPA-133 (Fill-In Form)Objection to Manufacturing Filing Penalty
Form; Form-SLF-ManTelco-Manu; Form-Fill-InPA-138 (Fill-In Form)Appeal Withdrawal
Form-Flat; Form-SLF-ManTelco-ManuPA-750LForm M-L - Leased Rented or Loaned Personal Property Return
Form-SLF-LGS-RETR; Form-SLF-ManTelco-ManuPA-750L InstructionsForm M-L - Leased, Rented or Loaned Personal Property Return Instructions
Form-SLF-LGS-RETR; Form-SLF-ManTelco-ManuPA-750P InstructionsForm M-P - Wisconsin Manufacturing Personal Property Return Instructions
Form-SLF-LGS-RETR; Form; Form-Instructions; Form-SLF-ManTelco-ManuPA-750R InstructionsForm M-R - Wisconsin Manufacturing Real Estate Return Instructions
Form; Form-SLF-ManTelco-ManuPA-780Questionnaire for Potential Manufacturers - for 2019 Assessment Year (3/18) (Excel)