2022 Municipal Financial Report Form A - for Counties

February 14, 2023

To: County Clerks and Treasurers

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) posted the 2022 Financial Report – Form A in My DOR Government Account (MyDORGov). County Clerks are required to electronically file (e-file) a complete and accurate form by the due date stated below. Both the Departments of Administration and Transportation use this completed form when calculating future aid payments.

2022 Reporting Changes

Revenues – Intergovernmental Revenues – Transportation

  • Road-related FEMA aids – include FEMA funding received for road-related expenditures caused by disaster damage incidents. This is a deductible revenue for highway-related costs.
    • Report on new Line 214-43535
  • Connecting highway aids (CHA) – include state highway aids received during the calendar year for costs associated with the maintenance and traffic control of certain designated routes that connect segments of the state highway system. This is a deductible revenue for highway-related costs.
    • Report on new Line 214-43536

General Information

To e-file

Accessing the system:

  • Access the forms in MyDORGov from the Financial Reports web page
  • You must complete email authorization by entering your email address and clicking the provided link sent via email
  • If entering the system for the first time, you must provide your contact information

Completing the form:

  • Complete all the required fields and electronically submit the form
  • You will receive a confirmation number after you successfully e-file
  • Print and/or save a copy for your records

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

  • Counties with a population over 25,000 must also submit an auditor's opinion on the form (Administrative Rule Tax 16) by attaching it to the electronic filing.
  • If attaching an auditor's opinion after the original filing is submitted, or if previously submitted amounts are amended, you must submit an amended Form A and attach the auditor's opinion using MyDORGov
  • Due date: August 1, 2023
  • Do not send us a copy of your CAFR unless requested

Late Filing or Non-Filing

  • Under state law (sec. 86.303 (7)(a)(b)(c)(d), Wis. Stats.), if DOR does not receive a complete and accurate form by the due date, your county will be charged a late filing penalty which reduces your General Transportation Aid payments
  • If DOR does not receive your form, we may request that a Certified Public Accountant complete the form using your county records. Your county is charged for this service.

U.S. Census Bureau Annual Financial Report (Form F-65)

The U.S. Census Bureau is requesting that each municipality and county complete the F-65 and submit it directly to them through the new State Data Collection system.  Census will send you an email and letter with log in information and instructions in the following week and local governments can access the form here: SDC Home Page (census.gov)


Contact us at lgs@wisconsin.gov.​