My DOR Government Account - Now Available

April 11, 2019

To: Special Districts

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) launched our updated online filing system, My DOR Government Account (MyDORGov). The Special District Apportionment Form (PC-505) will be located in this enhanced system (formerly State and Local Finance Online Filing).

In this system, you can electronically file your required forms with DOR. You can also maintain your contact information. In addition, an officeholder (ex: Special District representative) can manage user permissions.

Getting started

  1. Visit our Governments landing page
  2. Click "My DOR GOV Account"
  3. When entering the system for the first time, you must provide your contact information. Note: You still need to complete the email authorization step.
  4. Once on the MyDORGov home screen, click "View User Info" in the top right
  5. Review your office and/or access summary and verify it is correct; make updates where necessary

Note: Form PC-505 will be visible when the form is available for filing this fall


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