2023 MAR Filing Available

​April 24, 2023

To: General Assessors, Certified Assessors

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) posted the 2023 Municipal Assessment Report (MAR). This report is now available to e-file through MyDORGov.

Available filing information:

A. General filing information

B. MAR – Municipal Assessment Report

Types to file depending on the BOR's status:

C. Failure to file or late-filed forms

If you do not file by June 12, the following may occur:

  • Municipality receives a reduced levy limit due to the lack of new construction information
  • If the municipality has TIF districts,  the prior year's non-manufacturing full value is certified for the current year, which may result in less tax increment dollars available to the municipality

Note: If you file an estimated MAR by June 12, 2023, and do not file a final MAR by December 31, 2023, the Equalization Bureau will file a formal complaint against your certification with the Education and Certification section in the Office of Technology and Assessment Services. This could result in assessor misconduct under state law (sec. 946.12(1), Wis. Stats.).

D. Filing tips

  • You must complete the email authorization step to access the form. The authorization link is valid for 30 days.
  • Save your MAR periodically, as you complete it
  • Form must be error-free to submit
  • After submitting a MAR, use the Print function to print and/or save a copy to your local computer to ensure the confirmation number and submission date is saved with the form. DOR uses the confirmation number for questions about a report.

Note – Net New Construction Report: The August 2023 Net New Construction Report only reflects values reported by June 12, 2023. Information provided after the filing date is reflected in the 2024 Net New Construction values.

Law changes – the above information is based on current state law. DOR will provide updated information if there are changes to state law.


Contact the district office in your area.