Liquor License Report

​Per state law, clerks are required to send an annual report to the department of the retail alcohol beverage licenses issued by their municipality. The report is due by July 15 each year. You can file updates to your report throughout the year. There are two methods to submit the report. We recommend the online filing method for municipalities with 50 or less licenses to report. We recommend the bulk filing method for municipalities with more than 50 licenses to report. User guides for both filing methods are found

For more information, visit the Alcohol Beverage page on our website.

Getting Started

  1. Prepare a list of your renewed or newly issued licenses.
  2. Verify that the licensee holds a valid seller's permit with the department. Seller's permit numbers are 15-digits long and begin with a "456" prefix (e.g., 456-1234567890-03).
  3. The licensee may be an individual, partnership, corporation, or limited liability corporation (LLC). You MUST issue the license in the name of the legal name of the licensee. The licensee may or may not be the person who submitted the license application.
  4. Compare the current list of your licenses to the report you filed the previous year. Delete or deactivate any licenses that were not renewed. Add any new licenses.
  5. Submit your report to the department.

Online Filing (recommended for municipalities with 50 or less licenses)

Start Online Filing

Need Help

Online Filing User Guide

Bulk Filing (recommended for municipalities with more than 50 licenses)

Bulk Filing User Guide

Upload Bulk File

Statutory References

Sec. 77.61(11), Wis. Stats., requirement for proof that the licensee is registered for Wisconsin sales and use tax.

Sec. 125.04(4), Wis. Stats., requirement to provide liquor license information to the department.



Class "A" beer (off-sale), (convenience/grocery stores)


"Class A" liquor - cider only (off-sale), (convenience/grocery stores)


"Class A" liquor (off-sale), (drug stores, wineries)


Class "B" beer only (on/off sales) or in combination with "Class C" wine


"Class B" liquor (on/off sale)


Class "B" liquor - wine only (wineries only)


"Class C" wine, (restaurants who qualify)

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