Liquor Tax File Transmission

​​​Note: For e-File information on Forms AB-154 and AB-605, click here.

Wisconsin distilled spirits, cider and wine tax registrants and/or their representatives may now transmit the Form AB-130, Wisconsin Distilled Spirits, Cider and Wine Tax Return data in an electronic file over the Internet. This is a process intended for participants who have technical expertise to create and validate an XML document or are using software that provides that service for you. The Liquor File Transmission is:

Links below provide information about this process.

New Email Address Requirement

Beginning July 1, 2020 the department will require an email address to be provided in the Header/EmailAddress element. This will allow the department to send an email acknowledgment for each file transferred. The acknowledgment will be an XML file that will state whether the file was accepted or rejected. If the return is rejected, the acknowledgment will detail each issue identified in the file.

This system is for authorized users only; system access is monitored. By using this system you expressly consent to this monitoring. Evidence of unauthorized access will be provided to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

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