Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) Public Notices

Posting notices

When creating or amending a Tax Incremental District (TID) the municipality is required to publish notices about the public hearing and Joint Review board meetings:

The minimum number of days does not include the day the notice is published but does include the day of the meeting.

For more information, review the following:

Open meeting law

Public hearings must comply with the open meetings law. For more information, review the following:

Sample notices

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) developed these sample notices:

Sample notice instructions:

  • Use the samples as a guide
  • Modify each notice to address your municipality's specific situation
  • Samples contain some words in red, which indicate the minimal updates needed with specific municipality and TID information
  • Samples are not meant to be legal advice for any municipality or individual
  • A municipality should consult with its legal counsel on specific questions about notices or complying with the open meetings law

November 5, 2018