Open Book/Board of Review Calendar

The Open Book/Board of Review Calendar lists the Open Book and Board of Review dates a municipality provides the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. For your convenience, it also contains local clerk and assessor contact information. There are two separate portals, one for property owners and one for municipalities.

Each municipality in Wisconsin must hold an Open Book and Board of Review (BOR) session.

Open Book and Board of Review sessions generally take place late May to mid-June; however, some may occur later.

  • Open Book – takes place first. During this session, the municipality's assessment roll (which lists all the municipality's properties) is open for examination. The property owner can informally discuss the property value with the local assessor. If the property value is changed at Open Book, the assessor corrects the assessment roll.

  • Board of Review – if the property owner is not satisfied with the assessment after attending Open Book, the property owner can bring his/her appeal to the BOR. The Board schedules assessment appeals requiring property owners to provide evidence proving the assessment is incorrect. After review, if the Board agrees with the property owner's evidence, it can change the assessment.

For more information, review the Property Assessment Appeals Guide.

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