Sales and Use Tax Forms

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Form-SalesUse-DryClean; Form-SalesUse; Form-Fill-InDRY-012 (Fill-In Form)Dry Cleaning Facility Fee Return and Instructions
Form-SalesUse-Expo; Form-SalesUse; Form-Fill-In- for periods beginning on or after 01/01/2021EX-012 (Fill-In Form)Local Exposition Tax Return Fillable PDFNo
Form-SalesUse-Expo; Form-Instructions; Form-SalesUse - for periods beginning on or after 12/30/20EX-012 InstructionsLocal Exposition Tax Return InstructionsNo
Form-Fill-In; Form-SalesUsePRA-012 (Fill-In Form)Premier Resort Area Tax Return Fillable PDFNo
Form-Fill-In; Form-SalesUse- for periods beginning 10-01-2014 through 12/31/2016PRA-012S (Fill-In Form)Premier Resort Area Tax Return Fillable PDFYes
Form-SalesUse; Form-SalesUse-Premier; Form-InstructionsPRA-114Premier Resort Area Tax Return InstructionsNo
Form-Fill-In; Form-SalesUse; Form-SalesUse-VehRentalRV-012 (Fill-In Form)Rental Vehicle Fee Return Fillable PDF
Form-Instructions; Form-SalesUse; Form-SalesUse-VehRentalRV-012 InstructionsRental Vehicle Fee Return Instructions
Form-Flat; Form-SalesUse; Form-SalesUse-VehRentalRV-101Registration For Rental Vehicle and Limousine Fee Accounts
Form-Flat; Form-SalesUse; Form-SalesUse-VehRentalRV-207Certificate of Exemption for Rental Vehicles
Form-SalesUse; Form-FlatS-101Application for Direct Pay Permit
Form-SalesUse; Form-Fill-InS-102 (Fill-In Form)Application for Marketplace Provider WaiverNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-FlatS-103 (Fill-In Form)Application for Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exempt Status (CES)No
Form-SalesUse; Form-InstructionsS-114 TelefileSales and Use Tax Return TeleFile InstructionsNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-Fill-InS-127 (Fill-In Form)Assignment Fillable PDF
Form-SalesUse; FormS-203Your Privileges and Obligations as a SellerNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-FlatS-207CT-1Construction Contract Entered Into Before the Effective Date of County TaxNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-FlatS-209Purchaser's Statement to Seller for Animals Purchased and Used in Qualified Research or ManufacturingYes
Form-SalesUse; Form-Fill-InS-209 (Fill-In Form)Purchaser's Statement to Seller for Animals Purchased and Used in Qualified Research or Manufacturing Fillable PDF
Form-SalesUse; Form-Fill-InS-211 (Fill-In Form)Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate (fillable)No
Form-Instructions; Form-SalesUseS-211 InstructionsWisconsin Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate InstructionsNo
Form-Fill-In; Form-SalesUseS-211-SST (Fill-In Form)Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate Fillable PDF (SSTGB Forms F0003 and F0008)No
Form-SalesUse; Form-FlatS-213Sales and Use Tax Bracket SystemNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-FlatS-220Form BCR, Buyer's Claim for Refund of Wisconsin State, County and Stadium Sales TaxesNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-FlatS-220aSchedule P, Attachment to Form BCR, Buyer's Claim for Refund of Wisconsin State, County and Stadium Sales Taxes
Form-SalesUse; Form-Fill-InS-227 (Fill-In)Contractor Statement of Building Materials Purchased Fillable PDFNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-FlatS-229Biotechnology Business Certification RequestYes
Form-SalesUse; Form-Fill-InS-229 (Fill-In Form)Biotechnology Business Certification Request Fillable PDF
Form-SalesUse; Form-Fill-InS-240 (Fill-In Form)Wisconsin Temporary Event Report Fillable PDF for up to 4 vendorsNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-InstructionsS-240 InstructionsWisconsin Temporary Event Report InstructionsNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-Fill-InS-240-Alt (Fill-In Form)Wisconsin Temporary Event Report Fillable PDF for up to 100 vendorsNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-FlatS-250Agreement Extending Time to File Claim for Refund
Form-SalesUse; Form-Fill-InSchedule CT (Fill-In Form)County Sales and Use Tax Schedule Fillable PDFNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-Fill-InST-12 (Fill-In Form)Sales and Use Tax Return Fillable PDFNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-InstructionsST-12 and Schedule CT InstructionsSales and Use Tax Return, and County Sales and Use Tax Schedule InstructionsNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-Fill-InSU-102Use Tax Calculator - April 2020No
Form-SalesUse; Form-InstructionsSU-102 InstructionsUse Tax Calculator InstructionsNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-Fill-InUT-5 (Fill-In Form)Consumer Use Tax Return Fillable PDFNo
Form-SalesUse; Form-InstructionsUT-5 InstructionsConsumer Use Tax Return InstructionsNo

Form-MTA; Form-Fill-In; Form-Withholding; Form-SalesUseA-777a (Fill-In Form)My Tax Account Authorization Fillable PDF
Form-SalesUse; Form-Flat; Form-WithholdingBTR-101Application for Business Tax Registration
Form-SalesUse; Form-Instructions; Form-WithholdingBTR-114Application for Business Tax Registration Instructions
Form-Excise-Alc-Beer; Form-Excise-Alcohol; Form-Excise-Alc-Wine; Form-Excise-Cigarette; Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-Excise-Tobacco; Form-SalesUse; Form-Withholding; Form-Fill-InForm A-133 (Fill-In Form)Surety Bond for Alcohol, Cigarette, Fuel and Tobacco Bonds; Sales and Use Tax Bonds; Non-Resident Entertainer's Bonds Fillable PDF
Form-Fill-In; Form-SalesUseForm P-627Wisconsin Remote Seller Referral Form

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Sales and use tax publications

Publication Name Name/Description
Pub. 201Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Information
Pub. 229Brackets for Collecting Wisconsin Sales or Use Tax on Retail Sales

Vendors doing business with state government

Form Name/Description
(Fill-In Form)
Registration Verification (04/18)
(Fill-In Form)
Affiliate Registration Verification (01/17)
(Fill-In Form)
Affidavit of Exempt Sales (04/18)