Municipal Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) (sec. 66.1105, Wis. Stats.) Territory Amendment (addition of parcels)

A municipality may amend the boundaries of an active Tax Incremental District (TID) up to four times, by adding whole parcels that are contiguous to the existing boundaries.

To amend an active TID, the municipality must submit the completed territory amendment forms with supporting documents to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR).

Due date/process

  • If the municipal resolution is adopted by September 30, submit the application forms and supporting documents to DOR by October 31
  • A municipality amends a TID by including additional parcels' equalized values to the existing base value
  • DOR certifies the amended base value after January 1 of the year following the amendment
  • Tax Incremental Financing Remittance Fee – after notifying DOR of the amended TID, we will issue a bill through "My Tax Account"

Application Forms
PE-605TTID Territory Amendment - Legal Requirements
Base Value WorkbookThis Excel workbook contains all the necessary forms to document the property and taxing jurisdictions affected by the TID. For best results, open the workbook, save it to your computer and then complete the forms.

Attach Documents

To send your completed forms and supporting documents by email, click "Attach Documents."

TID Application Checklist - lists the documents you need to submit
Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) Public Hearing Notices
City/Village Tax Incremental Finance Manual
Common Language Guidelines for Project Plans


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