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Authorization for Direct Deposit (6/19)

  • Contact the Local Government Services Bureau at to request this form
  • Note: As a local government, in Section 4 of this form, you must select "Yes" to indicate you receive payments from DOR's State and Local Finance Division
  • Mail completed forms to:
    Wisconsin Department of Revenue
    Local Government Services Bureau
    MS 6-97, PO Box 8971
    Madison, WI 53708-8971​
PA-050Request for Exemption from State Mandates (2/11) | Instructions
PA-601ACertificate of Postponed and Delinquent Taxes (3/09 - Fill-in)
PA-605Notice of Description Correction on Tax Certificate (9/93)
PA-6622023 Lottery and Gaming First Dollar Credit Report
PA-695County Tax Receipt (Ply 1/Ply 2) (7/93)
PC-4002023 State and County Apportionment Form
PC-501Tax District Treasurer's Settlement Sheet​ (2/24​) | Instructions
PC-502Tax Settlement Receipt (3/09 - Fill-in)
SL-202CCounty Levy Limit Worksheet | Instructions
SL-320C​County F​allen Protective Services Insurance Report (2/24)
  Master Tax Certificate (s74.57) | Fill-in form
  Notice of Issuance of Tax Certificate for Tax Roll of ____
  County Financial Report Form