2020 Fiduciary, Estate, and Trust Tax Forms

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2/17/2020 11:49 AMForm; Form-Fill-In; Form-Ind-Income; Form-Fiduciary2020ISE-Audit-Bus-PassThruForm 1-ES (Fill-In Form)Yes57672020 Estimated Income Tax VoucherFINAL
4/14/2020 1:28 PMForm-Ind-Income; Form-Instructions; Form-Fiduciary2020ISE-Admin-Tech; ISE-Audit-Bus-PassThruForm 1-ES InstructionsNo5768Estimated Income Tax Voucher InstructionsFINAL
2/6/2020 3:39 PMForm-Corp; Form-Fiduciary; Form-Flat; Form-Ind-Income; Form-Partnership2020ISE-Admin-TechForm HR-TNo5769Transfer of Supplement to Federal Historic Rehabilitation CreditFINAL
2/7/2020 7:46 AMForm-Corp; Form-Fiduciary; Form-Ind-Income; Form-Instructions; Form-Partnership2020ISE-Admin-TechForm HR-T InstructionsNo5770Transfer of Supplement to the Federal Historic Rehabilitation Credit InstructionsFINAL
4/14/2020 2:31 PMForm-Instructions; Form-Partnership; Form-Corp; Form-Fiduciary2020ISE-Admin-TechForm PW-ES InstructionsNo5772Wisconsin Pass-Through Entity Withholding Electronic Payment Voucher InstructionsFINAL
3/19/2020 12:43 PMForm; Form-Corp; Form-Fiduciary; Form-Flat; Form-Ind-Income; Form-Partnership2020ISE-Admin-TechSchedule HR-5No5775Wisconsin Supplement to the Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit - Five-Year Credit ClaimFINAL
3/19/2020 12:46 PMForm-Fiduciary; Form-Ind-Income; Form-Instructions; Form-Corp; Form-Partnership2020ISE-Admin-TechSchedule HR-5 InstructionsNo5774Wisconsin Supplement to the Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit - Five-Year Credit Claim InstructionsFINAL