Statement of Taxes (SOT)

​​Sec. 69.61, Wis. Stats.

  1. What is an SOT?

  2. What is the deadline to file an SOT?

  3. How do I file an SOT?

  4. Why is it important to submit a complete and accurate SOT?

  5. Why did the Wisconsin Department of Revenue contact us about our Managed Forest Land (MFL) or Private Forest Crop (PFC) acreage?

  6. How do I report our chargeback on the SOT?

  7. How do I report our omitted property on the SOT?

  8. How do I amend our SOT?

  9. Where can I find our final SOT?

  10. Are there additional resources for the SOT process?

  11. How does the SOT affect the Levy Limit Worksheet?​


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