Electronic Assessment Data

Secs. 73.03(2a) and 73.03(5), Wis. Stats.

  1. What type of assessment information do I need to store electronically?

  2. What responsibility do assessors have in communicating this requirement to the municipality?

  3. When the municipality hires a new assessor, who is responsible for the cost of transferring the electronically stored data to the municipality?

  4. Who owns the assessment data?

  5. When the municipality hires a new assessor, when does the outgoing assessor need to transfer the data to the municipality?

  6. What assessment data does an outgoing assessor need to provide to the municipality?

  7. What residential and agricultural data must be maintained electronically?

  8. What commercial data must be maintained electronically?

  9. What personal property data do we need to maintain electronically?

  10. What mobile home data must be maintained electronically?

  11. Are assessors and municipalities required to post assessment data on the Internet?

  12. How does DOR use electronic assessment data?

  13. What happens if an assessor does not comply with the electronic assessment data requirement or fails to provide DOR with the required electronic assessment data?

  14. After all my property records are in an electronic format, do I still need to maintain a paper copy?

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