Valuation of Agricultural Forest and Undeveloped Land

​Sec. 70.32, Wis. Stats.

  1. How should an assessor value lands qualifying for the agricultural forest and undeveloped land classifications?

  2. What does the term "full value" mean in state law (sec. 70.32(4), Wis. Stats.)?

  3. Should assessors adjust the values to 50% annually or should they make the adjustment when it occurs and again during a revaluation?

  4. Since assessors generally do not determine assessments less than $100 increments and most computer systems do not accept less than $100 class entries, should the current $100 assessment on the one-acre right-of-way (class 5) remain $100?

  5. Does the equalized value include agricultural forest and undeveloped land classifications at 50% of market value?


Contact the appropriate Equalization Bureau District Office.