Delinquent Taxpayers

  1. Why are delinquent accounts posted on the internet?

  2. What is considered a delinquent account?

  3. Are there estimated amounts due in the delinquent account?

  4. What information is being published about each account?

  5. How do I know if my name may be published?

  6. How can I get my name off the list?

  7. How often are names added to the list?

  8. If a debt is paid, how soon will the name be removed from the list?

  9. Who should I contact if I feel a name is on the list in error?

  10. Why can the department publish my name and address?

  11. Can I pay my balance with a credit card?

  12. The individual listed is deceased. Can the account be removed?

  13. Can I have other liabilities with the department that are not listed on the Internet?

  14. Once my name has been removed from the list, can it be added again at a later date?


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August 23, 2019