Disclosure of Related Entity Expenses on Schedule RT

  1. Who must file Schedule RT?

  2. How does the $100,000 threshold exception apply?

  3. How does Schedule RT relate to the requirement to "add back" certain related entity expenses?

  4. How do the Schedule RT requirements apply to pass-through entities?

  5. How do the Schedule RT requirements affect transactions involving disregarded entities?

  6. Is it sufficient to enter "available upon request" on Schedule RT?

  7. What supporting documentation is required to be filed with Schedule RT?

  8. I'm on a cash basis. On Schedule RT, do I have to report expenses I incurred this year but won't deduct until next year?

  9. Do I need to file more than one Schedule RT for the taxable year?

  10. Should the Schedule RT amounts be before or after applying the apportionment percentage?

  11. What is the due date for filing Schedule RT?

  12. What happens if Schedule RT is not filed in cases where it is required?

  13. Can I file Schedule RT on an amended return after the due date?

  14. What happens if a taxpayer discloses an incorrect amount of interest, rent, management fee, or intangible expense on Schedule RT?

  15. Where can I find more written guidance about the Schedule RT requirements?


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January 31, 2019