Biodiesel Fuel

  1. What is biodiesel?

  2. What is the classification of biodiesel for Wisconsin fuel tax purpose?

  3. Are all blends of biodiesel, including B100, subject to the Wisconsin motor vehicle fuel tax and petroleum inspection fee?

  4. Is recycled vegetable oil the same thing as biodiesel?

  5. Is recycled vegetable oil and/or straight vegetable oil (SVO) sold or used in powering a motor vehicle subject to Wisconsin motor fuel tax and the petroleum inspection fee?

  6. What are the motor fuel tax and petroleum inspection fee rates?

  7. Can biodiesel be sold without the motor vehicle fuel tax?

  8. Do I have to be registered in Wisconsin if I place biodiesel or recycled vegetable oil in a motor vehicle?

  9. How do I report the motor vehicle fuel tax and petroleum inspection fee I owe if I am producing and/or selling biodiesel?

  10. When is biodiesel or diesel replacement renewable fuel exempt from the motor vehicle tax?

  11. Can I file a claim for refund for tax paid on biodiesel used off-road?

  12. How do I obtain a refund?

  13. What records should I keep for Wisconsin tax purposes and how long should I keep them?


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June 22, 2017