Fuel Tax Forms

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Form-Excise-FuelMF 001 Import TemplateMF 001 Motor Fuel Refund Claim Import TemplateYes
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-Fill-InMF-001 (Fill-In Form)Fuel Tax Refund Claim Fillable PDFNo
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-InstructionsMF-001 InstructionsFuel Tax Refund Claim InstructionsNo
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-Flat; Form-InstructionsMF-002Wisconsin Combined Monthly Fuel Summary Report with InstructionsNo
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-FlatMF-002TSchedule of Transactions
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-FlatMF-007Licensed Alternate Fuels Dealer or User Report
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-FlatMF-010MSchedule 10M - Terminal Operator's Schedule of Meter Readings
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-Flat; Form-InstructionsMF-011Licensed General Aviation Fuel Dealer or User Report with Instructions
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-Fill-InMF-012 (Fill-In Form)Vendor's Claim for Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Refund (including the Petroleum Inspection Fee) Fillable PDF
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-FlatMF-015Claim for General Aviation Petroleum Inspection Fee RefundNo
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-Fill-InMF-016 (Fill-In Form)Distributor Claim for Tax Refund of Uncollectible Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Fuel Taxes Fillable PDF
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-InstructionsMF-017 InstructionsInstructions Wisconsin Blender's Fuel Report
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-FlatMF-100Application for Fuel LicenseYes
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-Fill-InMF-100 (Fill-In Form)Application for Fuel License Fillable PDF
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-Fill-InMF-112 (Fill-In Form)Registration for Vendor Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Refunds Fillable PDF
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-FlatMF-113Invoice Requirements for Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Refund ClaimsNo
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-FlatMF-205Alcohol Fuel Tax Report
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-FlatMF-207Certificate of Authorization for Bulk Alternate Fuel Purchasers
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-FlatMF-208Certificate of Exemption for General Aviation Fuel Tax
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-FlatMF-209Certificate of Fuel Tax Exemption - Exempt Sales of Gasoline and Undyed Diesel FuelYes
Form-Excise-Fuel; Form-Fill-InMF-209 (Fill-In Form)Certificate of Fuel Tax Exemption - Exempt Sales of Gasoline and Undyed Diesel Fuel Fillable PDF