Electronic Levy Accounts

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue has pioneered e-Levy, easy-to-use electronic levy processing through our My Tax Account program. You will save time and money with this free service by receiving documents, sending levy responses and making payments online.

Benefits of e-levy

  • Saves on print, paper and postage costs
  • Takes less time processing levies electronically
  • Safe, secure and easy to track ACH debit transactions
  • Easy to use filtering tools to help manage your levies

Features of e-Levy

Electronic Levy Delivery – Receive all levy correspondence electronically.
Pay Bank Levies – Make bank levy payments by electronic check.
Process Levy Orders – Update levy responses without payments with easy-to-use checkboxes.
Submit an Inquiry – Send secure messages to us on a specific levy or provide additional information on a levy or debtor.
Change or Withdraw Requests – Changes or withdraw requests before 4:00 p.m. daily.
Levy Search – Search levy orders from oldest to newest or use our filters to find a specific levy.

How do I start?