2023 Draft Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual

​​​​​The DR​AFT 202​​3 ​​Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual (WPAM) is now available for public comment below.

Provide Comments by August 22, 2022

ChapterUpdate Summary
2 – Assessor Certification
Pages 3-4: Remove historical certification levels
​Pages 8-12: Add 2024 certification levels for municipalities requiring an Assessor 2 and an Assessor 3
6 – Statutory Revaluation and ReassessmentPage 2: Update reference to Standard Contract and Standard Specifications
7 – Parcel and Information SystemsPage 34: Update MAR filing process information
Page 38: Property record requirements-add consent or denial for requests to view property from Chapter 5
14 – Appendix B Calculating Use-Value Guidelines for Agricultural Land AssessmentPages 2-7: Update use-value calculations
14 – Tax 18 Conservation ProgramsPages 3-4: Annual updates
​Pages 7 and 10: Update DNR programs and links
18 – Manufacturing and Utility AssessmentPage 25: Remove bullet point in definition of used directly-Tax Appeals Commission decision
22 – Legal Decisions and Attorney General Opinions by SubjectPage 22: Add summary for Nudo v. City of Kenosha court case
GlossaryPage 38: Add term Inextricably and definition
​​​Page 38: Add term Intertwine and definition