1. How do I assemble my Wisconsin individual income tax return?

  1. How do I assemble my Wisconsin individual income tax return?

    File electronically whenever possible.

    Returns are processed slower when not assembled in the proper order. Assemble Wisconsin income tax returns in this order:

    1. A complete Form 1, 1A, WI-Z, 1NPR, X-NOL or Form 2. Be sure the pages are in the proper order.

    2. Payments (checks and money orders) paper clipped where indicated on the front of the form.

    3. Schedule H or H-EZ (Homestead Credit) or Schedule FC or Schedule FC-A (Farmland Preservation Credit) with supporting documentation behind the schedule. Returns with missing or incomplete documentation may be held until the department receives all necessary information.

    4. Copies of appropriate Wisconsin schedules and supporting documents.

    5. Legible withholding tax statements (Forms W-2, W-2G, K-1, and/or 1099). If the state copy of the withholding tax statement is not legible, please attach a photocopy of the original page of the statement.

    6. A complete copy of the Federal Return with accompanying schedules must follow when Form 1 or 1-NPR is filed. Copies should include the complete federal form and all the supporting documents.

    7. Copies of other state tax returns including wage statements and supporting documents when claiming a credit for taxes paid to other states.

    8. Copies of real estate tax bills and receipts when claiming Veterans and Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit. Include copy of DVA certification if first time claiming credit.

    9. A copy of the federal extension of time to file, when applicable.

    10. Divorce decree and/or Injured Spouse Allocation, federal Form 8379.


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December 13, 2017