Petition for Compromise of Taxes

  1. What is a compromise of taxes?

  2. Who qualifies for a compromise of taxes?

  3. How can I file a Petition for Compromise of Taxes?

  4. Where should completed petitions be sent?

  5. How complicated is the Petition for Compromise form? Do I need an accountant or an attorney to help me complete it?

  6. Is any other paperwork required besides the compromise form?

  7. When does DOR accept a petition?

  8. How is my ability to pay in full determined?

  9. What happens after I have filed a petition for compromise?

  10. How will I be notified if my petition has been accepted?

  11. What happens if my petition is accepted?

  12. After I have paid the compromise, am I done with this matter forever?

  13. If I pay the compromised amount and apply for a loan, what will the credit reporting agencies find on my record?

  14. What happens if I would like to settle my taxes for an amount less than the total due but cannot come up with a lump sum payment?

  15. I know someone whose situation was similar to mine. That person's compromise was accepted. Why was mine rejected?

  16. Can I petition for a compromise more than once?

  17. If I am forced to pay the full amount of my tax liability, I may have to change my life style. Is that fair?

  18. If my offer is denied, can I ask for a review of that decision?


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December 14, 2017