Alcohol Beverage Laws for Retailers Licenses

  1. What does an alcohol beverage license allow?

  2. Are licenses and permits the same thing?

  3. What types of alcohol beverage licenses are there?

  4. I've heard that some licenses are very expensive. Is that true?

  5. May a municipality refund the reserve "Class B" initial issuance fee paid by the licensee?

  6. How are quotas and reserve licenses determined?

  7. I want specific information about licensing. Where do I go?

  8. How do I apply for an alcohol beverage license?

  9. What are the basic qualifications for a person to get a license?

  10. Can I get an alcohol beverage license if I have a criminal record?

  11. Are licensing qualifications different if I incorporate?

  12. Does the licensee or the agent always have to be at the premises when it is open for business?

  13. How do I qualify for an operator's license?

  14. What are responsible beverage server training courses?

  15. What exceptions are there to the server training course requirement?


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