Telecommunications Real Estate Notification Rolls 2024

​For 2024 assessment purposes, the telecommunications real estate notification roll identifies all real estate parcels in a municipality predominantly used to provide telecommunication services. These telephone company real estate parcels are exempt from general property tax law (sec. 70.112(4)(b), Wis. Stats.), but assessed and taxed by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) under Chapter 76, Subchapter IV. DOR distributes telecommunications notification rolls by county. Each roll contains:

  • Real estate owner name
  • Location of parcel
  • Legal description of parcel
  • Local parcel number and DOR parcel number identifiers
  • Taxation district(s)
  • Area (acres) of land parcel

Note: After publishing the notification roll, DOR may still add or delete parcels of real estate from the telecommunications assessment roll.

If you have questions, contact the Manufacturing & Utility District Office in your area.