Reminder: Holder Reports Are Due / Training Videos Now Available

​Online training videos for holder reporting in My Tax Account are now complete and posted on the Options for Holder Reporting page on our website.

All Wisconsin holder reports must be filed electronically. Reports filed on paper or CD will be rejected. Holder reports are due by November 2, 2015. Interest and penalties will be assessed for property paid or reports filed after November 2, 2015.

Reports can be electronically filed as follows:

  • Prepare and file your report online using UPExchange software
  • Prepare your report using any other third-party software using NAUPA format and file electronically via My Tax Account
  • Download the department's spreadsheet, enter your data, and file electronically via My Tax Account

Please review our Holder Report Guide​ if you have questions. You can also call us at (608) 264-4594 or email with questions.

October 23, 2015​​​