Wisconsin Preparing for New Cigarette Tax Stamp

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) has completed the first step in implementing a new cigarette tax stamp. It has awarded Sekuworks LLC, an Ohio-based company, the contract to print heat applied cigarette tax stamps for authorized Wisconsin cigarette distributors. DOR will soon begin working with each Wisconsin cigarette distributor on a transition plan.

Distributors will continue to order and use existing stamps until advised that the new stamps should be used. DOR has started to supply the new cigarette tax stamps to authorized Wisconsin cigarette distributors, and we expect that cigarette distributors currently supplying cigarettes to tribes will soon be applying the new Wisconsin tribal cigarette tax stamp to cigarette packs delivered to tribal reservations and trust lands.

The stamp has been redesigned to reduce the risk of reproduction and make it clearly identifiable as a Wisconsin stamp. Besides the different color, the tribal stamp also has a wavy black ribbon border to help distinguish it from the non-tribal stamp. A sample of the new stamp is shown here:

tribal tax stamp example 

For more information, see the April 2013, Wisconsin Tax Bulletin on the DOR website at: revenue.wi.gov/WisconsinTaxBulletin/179.pdf​.

May 22, 2013