Public Land Survey Quiz

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  1. The Principal Meridian governing rectangular surveys in the State of Wisconsin is the

  2. The standards of parallel (standard parallels) are

  3. Townships are

  4. The basic unit of length in the public-land survey is the

  5. The initial point of the Wisconsin public-land survey is junction point of the

  6. In the rectangular government survey townships and sections are located with respect to the

  7. The E-W axis of a government land survey is called

  8. Each township established by the public-land surveys is divided into

  9. Completed public-land surveys of a state are on file in the office of the

  10. The N-S axis of a government land survey establishing an initial point is called

  11. Fractional sections caused by the curvature of the earth and correction of errors of measurement are located on the ______ and ______ borders of the township.