Appraisal Quiz

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  1. Asking price of property owners generally establishes the ______ of value.

  2. Offering price by buyers normally establishes the ______ of value.

  3. An agreement which permits one to buy, sell, or lease a property within a stipulated period of time is known as a (an) ______.

  4. ______ capitalization is a method of converting future net benefits into present value where each future net benefit is discounted at a proper yield rate (present worth factor).

  5. The best source for verification or documentation of sales data is ______ .

  6. Comparable sale properties should be visually inspected to enable the assessor to make an accurate analysis of the sales and reflect the dissimilarities existing between the comparable sales and the subject property by means of the ______ .

  7. Straight line capitalization assumes a (an) ______ income stream during the remaining economic life of the improvements.

  8. Appropriate units of comparison for the valuation of vacant land are all of the following except

  9. The formula for a developing a gross income multiplier is

  10. Appropriate units of comparison for the valuation of apartment houses are

  11. Adjustments in the comparable sales approach are always made to the ______ .

  12. The ______ rate is another name for the return ______ the investment.

  13. The adjustment process involves the application of the ______ of an item (or factor) to the total property.

  14. Elements for which adjustments can be made are


  15. The correlating of the value indications of the various sales into a single indicator of value is known as ______ .

  16. When plus or minus adjustments are expressed in terms of percentages, the adjustment for ______ should be made prior to any other adjustments.

  17. Capitalization may be described as


  18. An improved property is valued at $50,000. The building-land ratio is 4:1. By allocation, what is the estimated land value?