Guidelines for Reproduced and Substitute Tax Forms

The due dates for filing and making payments for certain 2020 income tax returns have changed. The documents on this web page may not reflect the new due dates. For information on the new filing and payment due dates, see the article 2020 Wisconsin Tax Return Due Dates and Payments.

Certain guidelines must be followed for reproduced or substitute Wisconsin tax forms (including schedules). The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that the reproduced or substitute forms are compatible with the department's processing system, and that they present information in a uniform manner.

Substitute Tax Form Approval Guidelines and Specifications

Scannable Forms Requiring Approval


OCR Scan Line and Voucher Specifications

Check Digit for WTN for Forms WT-6 and WT-7

OCR Forms: Although the Department will approve substitute estimated tax vouchers (Forms 1-ES, PW-ES and Corp-ES), it is preferred that taxpayers use the preprinted vouchers sent by the Department if they receive them. The Department-printed vouchers reduce the chance of error in posting payments to the taxpayer's account and cost less to process than substitute forms.

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