Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Recovery Grant

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  1. ​​​​​​​What is the Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Recovery Grant program?

  2. When and how can I apply?

  3. Who is eligible?

  4. Can someone else complete the application for me?

  5. How long will the application take to complete?

  6. Can I save the application and complete later?

  7. Can I print the completed application?

  8. What information do I need to complete the application?

  9. May I receive a grant for each business I own?

  10. Are seasonal businesses eligible?

  11. Are sole proprietorship businesses eligible?

  12. Are "gig workers" and other independent contractors eligible?

  13. Can a married couple that files a joint income tax return qualify for more than one grant if each spouse separately owns and operates a business?

  14. Can limited liability company (LLC) businesses apply for the grant?

  15. If a person owns multiple LLC businesses, can each LLC business receive a grant?

  16. How do groups of corporations that file a combined Wisconsin income/franchise tax return (Form 6) apply for the grant?

  17. What if I have not yet filed my 2019 tax return?

  18. What if I started my business in 2020 and don't have business revenue on a 2019 return?

  19. What if the amount of revenue reported on my tax return is incorrect, or I reported my business income incorrectly on Schedule E or Schedule F?

  20. What amount of annual revenue do I report on the application if my business’s 2019 tax return is reported on a fiscal year?

  21. What amount of annual revenue should I report on the application if my business’s tax return is less than 12 months?

  22. The application asks to identify the race or ethnicity of the owners of the business. What is the description of each?

  23. My business already received a We're All In Small Business Grant from WEDC or DOR. Can I still apply for the Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Recovery Grant?

  24. How will I know if my application is approved or denied?

  25. If my application is denied, do I resubmit my application?

  26. How much are the grant awards?

  27. When and how will I receive the money?

  28. Will my payment be intercepted to pay delinquent taxes or other debts?

  29. What can the grant money be used for?

  30. Are payments from the Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Recovery Grant program taxable income?

  31. Will my business receive a Form 1099-G?

  32. Will the amount of my direct payment be released to the public?

  33. What if I have other questions?

July 16, 2021