Wisconsin Identity Protection PIN

Starting in mid-December, you can sign up for a Wisconsin Identity Protection PIN.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) is offering a new option to help taxpayers protect their identities. Registering for the Wisconsin Identity Protection PIN means someone else cannot file a tax return using your identity. Even if you don't have a filing requirement, the PIN will help protect your tax account.

Registering for the Wisconsin Identity Protection PIN may seem like a rigorous process. However, once completed you will have peace of mind that your tax accounts are secure. This is especially important if you have been a victim of identity theft.

The Wisconsin Identity Protection PIN will be available beginning with 2021 individual income tax returns and homestead credit claims.

The Wisconsin Identity Protection PIN is:

  • Seven alpha-numeric characters
  • Specific to Wisconsin returns and cannot be used on federal or other states' returns
  • Entered in the signature section of Form 1, Form 1NPR, or Schedule H
  • Year-specific
    • Any Wisconsin individual income tax return or homestead credit claim filed during the calendar year will use the same PIN
      • This applies to 2021 returns and forward
    • Taxpayers who sign up for this program will receive a new PIN each year