New Matching Program for Returning Unclaimed Property to its Owner

The Department of Revenue (DOR) has launched its unclaimed property matching program that will notify some individuals that they are owners of unclaimed property.

By the end of the year, DOR anticipates it will return approximately $13.6 million in unclaimed property to more than 97,000 owners, after offsetting taxes or other debts owed.

How the Matching Program Works

DOR matches unclaimed property in Wisconsin against the agency's tax records.  If there is a match between an individual and an unclaimed property owner, DOR mails one of two different notices to the individual depending on the value of unclaimed property.  Effective July 1, 2015, DOR will also offset the unclaimed property payment by the amount of taxes or debts owed.

Notice of Claim Refund Check - Unclaimed Property if the amount payable is $2,000 or less

  • A check is attached at the bottom of page 1
  • The notice also includes:
    • an itemized list of the property being refunded to the owner
    • any interest paid and the specific property to which the interest relates
    • the amount and type of debts, if any, that were paid from the proceeds of the unclaimed property
    • contact information for questions

Notice of Unclaimed Property if the amount payable is more than $2,000

  • The notice includes:
    • an itemized list and amounts of unclaimed property
    • The instructions to file a claim for the property
    • Upon approval of the claim, the DOR sends a Notice of Claim Refund check to the owner as described above.

DOR Contact Information

Visit the department's Unclaimed Property webpage for more information about the program.

June 10, 2015