Protecting Taxpayers with Identity Verification

Identity theft and refund fraud are two of the top cybercrimes targeting individuals today. It is important to ensure that identifying information is not used by someone else to commit fraud and steal tax refunds. That is why the DOR is implementing an extra tool called the Identity Verification quiz. Some tax return filers will be required to take the Identity Verification quiz before we can complete processing of their state tax refunds. In some cases, taxpayers will be required to send in documentation to help us verify their identity. If selected, the taxpayer/homestead credit claimant will receive a letter outlining everything needed to take the quiz. Identity Verification consists of four multiple choice questions with answers that will help verify it is the person that filed the return.

The Identity Verification quiz can be taken online. Taxpayers who are unable to take the quiz online can call our customer service representatives who will help. Only the taxpayer can answer the questions on the quiz and no one else should take the quiz on the taxpayer's behalf.

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Identity verification is just one more tool we are using to serve the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

January 19, 2017