Form 1099-G Available On-Line

​​​A new online application is available on the Department of Revenue's website which allows individuals and their authorized representatives to view Form 1099-G, Certain Government Payments. Form 1099-G reports Wisconsin state income tax return information that individuals use to complete their federal tax return. For authentication, the last name, social security number/individual tax identification number (ITIN) and zip code are entered into the application.

There are a number of individuals who signed up to no longer receive a paper Form 1099-G in the mail. Those individuals who provided the department with an email address will receive an email from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue notifying that Form 1099-G information is available online.

For the 2010 tax year, tax preparation software will automatically sign up individuals to go paperless for future years. If you or your clients want to be notified when next year's Form 1099-G is available online, you can provide an email address. You should see the following check boxes and language within your software:

[X] Go Paperless! Check this box to authorize the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to provide your Form 1099-G on its secure, confidential website at Form 1099-G is used when preparing your federal tax return. By checking this box, only you or your tax preparer will have access to this form online at, instead of receiving it in the mail.
[ ] Yes, please notify me when my Form 1099-G is available online for me or my tax preparer to use when preparing my federal tax return each year. Email address: _____________________________________________________ (Your email address is confidential and will not be sold by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.)

By going paperless, the department plans to save over $200,000 in printing and postage costs yearly.

January 5, 2011