Individual Income Tax 2008 - Top Reasons for Electronic Filing Rejects

The table below shows the top reasons electronic filed returns were rejected by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for tax year 2008. The table includes the rejection code and the description of the rejection. Please review these situations to prevent any delays in processing your client's tax returns.

Error CodeReasonNumber of Returns Rejected*
970Net tax paid to another state claimed and no Schedule OS is filed887
666UPI box has an incorrect value145
6561NPR – Moved out of WI before end of year – No Residence Questionnaire119
002Invalid Byte Count of Field Size81
050Town, Village, City code cannot be blank70
6571NPR e-file only available for wages, interest and dividend earners67
065School code must be numeric and cannot be blank58
6591NPR – Indicate the resident status for the taxpayer57
985Schedule H – The year, owner, owner type, property address, assessed land & improvement value must be provided49
6611NPR – Nonresident must enter a state code33
971Net tax paid to another state– Other state's code box does not agree with the number of columns completed on Schedule OS33

* as of 2/3/09

February 19, 2009