Electronic Filing Administrative Rules - Business Taxes

Changes Will Provide for Certain E-filing Mandates

Electronic filing continues to be a top priority for the Department of Revenue (DOR). E-filing, direct deposit and electronic funds transfer (EFT) provide greater accuracy, timelier transactions and a higher standard of security than non-electronic methods, while allowing DOR to improve customer service and cost effectiveness.

For the period of January 1, 2008 through August 5, 2008, approximately 44% of Form ST-12s (Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Return) were filed electronically with DOR. For that same period, approximately 20% of Forms 4 and 5 (Corporate Franchise or Income Tax Returns) were filed electronically. Among all states, Wisconsin is the leader in terms of the number of Corporate Franchise/Income and Partnership Returns filed through the Modernized E-File Program, a joint federal and state e-filing project for tax year 2007.

To ensure the use of e-filing by the most taxpayers possible, DOR is working to lower the thresholds for requiring Withholding Tax payments by EFT and modify several other Administrative Rules requiring electronic filing of certain taxes.

September 2, 2008