Printing Estimated Tax Vouchers

​​​The department has received questions from a number of preparers about why their software vendors print estimated tax vouchers one per page. The answer is because DOR insist that vendors do this in DOR's specifications. DOR understands that this is perceived as a waste of paper and is considered inefficient. Behind DOR's specification is actually a requirement for successful automated processing of your clients' tax payments.

The State's bank uses high speed document processing machines that read a scan line. The placement of the scan line is very important, and must be 1/2 inch from the bottom of the form and 1/2 inch from the right side of the form. There can be no other markings in the scan line area which is the bottom inch of the form.

The scan line consists of (1) Lock Box Number, (2) Tax Type Code, (3) Posting Code (almost always a '1' for automated), (4) the "sys free" area which includes the ID type, ID Number , period end date, voucher type, bill ID, and Check Digit, (5) fillers, and (6) amount due. This standard is followed with all vouchers processed at the bank for the department.

Another option would be to encourage making estimated tax payments electronically. Almost all payments can now be made to the department using electronic funds transfers (EFT) and doing so enables your clients to receive an acknowledgement that their payment was received.

Visit Electronic Funds Transfer - General Information ​for more information.

April 17, 2008