My Tax Account: Telco - Letter ID Clarification

January 24, 2018

To: Telco Contacts

Earlier this month, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) sent a letter about registering Telco users in My Tax Account (MTA). In it, we provided a Letter ID and discussed how you would use it. Below is some clarification regarding the Letter ID.


  • Can use the Letter ID to create and register a user account for MTA
  • Cannot add a Telco tax type until the application is live

When will I have access to the Telco tax type?

  • You will gain access to the Telco tax type when the application is released. The tentative release date is Monday, January 29, 2018.
  • Once the application is live, you will see "Utility – Telecommunications" in the "Tax account type" dropdown menu (on the "Register Account" screen)
  • After you add the tax type, "Telecom Fee" will appear in your account list

If you have any questions, contact us at, (608) 264-6889, or (608) 266-8162.