Telco System Update

February 2, 2018

To: Telco Contacts

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue is receiving a few Telco Filing questions. Below is related information for your review.

Telco Return Status in My Tax Account (MTA)

  • Existing Telco companies have pre-filled 2017 data that was loaded in their returns 
  • Having this pre-filled data in the return, MTA is showing the return as filed and lists the status as "Processed"
  • "Processed" in this case does not mean your 2018 Telco return was submitted and processed

What should you do?

  • Complete your return you still need to complete and submit a return for 2018
  • Choose "Amended" since there is pre-filled data, you must select "Amended" when asked to "View or Amend a Return"

January 30 Notice of Overdue Tax for $0 Due

  • When we deployed the new system, an incorrect code transferred as well, which triggered the creation of these notices
  • If you received a Notice of Overdue Tax dated January 30, disregard the notice since it was sent in error