Room Tax Report - Due Today

May 1, 2017

To: Municipal Clerks and Treasurers

Please disregard this email if you've already filed your Room Tax Report.

This is a reminder that the Room Tax Report (Form SL-304) is due to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) by today, Monday, May 1, 2017 and is currently available on our website.

New Filing Requirement

Under state law, starting in 2017, Wisconsin towns, villages, and cities that imposed room taxes under sec. 66.0615, Wis. Stats., are required to submit a Room Tax Report to DOR providing the following information:

  • Room taxes collected during the year and the room tax rate imposed
  • Amounts forwarded to tourism entities and commissions, and their related expenditures for tourism promotion and tourism development
  • Tourism entity and commission members
  • If room taxes were imposed on May 13, 1994
    • Room tax ordinance in effect and financial statement closest to May 13, 1994

2017 Room Tax Report (Form SL-304) Information

  • Municipalities that imposed room taxes during 2016 must complete Form SL-304 reporting 2016 activity
  • Municipal clerk must electronically file (e-file) the form
  • Due date – May 1, 2017
  • Under state law, if Form SL-304 is not timely filed with DOR, we may impose a penalty of $50 per day (sec. 66.0615(4)(c), Wis. Stats.)

Getting Started (to e-file)

  1. Access the e-file Form SL-304 on our website
    • This form requires email authorization – the first time you access the form, you are asked to enter your email address
  2. Go to the email message with the subject "Login authorization link" and click the provided link
  3. Select Form SL-304 – complete the form, save and/or print a copy for your records
  4. Within 2-3 business days, the completed form will be posted on our Room Tax Report Publishing web page for the general public

Note: DOR will not audit your completed form. Review your form before submitting to ensure no confidential information is included.

If you have any questions, contact us at