Annual Reports are Available Online

January 22, 2024


County Treasurers, Real Property Listers, Municipal Clerks and Treasurers, Assessors and Certified Assessors

The 2024 Use-Value Conversion Charge, 2024 Benevolent Retirement Homes for the Aged Exemption, and Municipal Assessors List reports are available on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website.

2024 Use-Value Charge for Converting Agricultural Land, sec. 74.485, Wis. Stats.

2024 Benevolent Retirement Homes for the Aged Exemption

  • Benevolent Retirement Homes for the Aged - 130% calculation report – use to determine if a property qualifies for an exemption (PDF | Excel)
  • For more information on this exemption, review Chapter 19 of the 2024 Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual

2024 Municipal Assessors List

  • Municipal Assessors List – provides the names and contact information for the statutory assessors or contracted assessment firms for each Wisconsin municipality (PDF | Excel)
  • List is updated periodically throughout the year
  • If there are changes needed, contact the Equalization Bureau District Office for that municipality's area


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