DUE SOON - Form PA-551: 2023 Personal Property Value Report, Non-Filer List and Filing Resources

​​June 4, 2024

To: Municipal Clerks, Assessors
Cc: Municipal Treasurers
County Clerks, Treasurers, Real Property Listers

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue, State and Local Finance Division would like to remind you to file Form PA-551: 2023 Personal Property Value Report, available on our website.

To aid you in filing, we:

General Information

  • Due date – July 1, 2024 - Penalty for late filing.
  • Municipal clerk e-files Form PA-551 through MyDORGov
  • Each municipality must report the 2023 locally assessed personal property values
    • Confirm the 2023 locally assessed personal property values for your TID and non-TID parcels with your assessor
    • Make sure to remove any amounts shifting to the real property roll

Form PA-551

  • Review the following 2023 reports to complete all Form PA-551 sections:
    • Personal property assessment roll
    • Statement of personal property assessments
    • Note: The above reports are generated from your assessor's software and may be labeled "2023 statement of personal property assessments" or "2023 personal property valuation summary"
  • The reported values will be used to calculate the 2025 personal property aid estimates (sec. 79.0965, Wis. Stats.), as a result of 2023 Wisconsin Act 12 personal property tax exemption

Non-filer Penalty and List

  • Under state law, if a municipality does not file by:
    • July 1, 2024 – the municipality's 2025 Act 12 personal property aid payment is reduced by 25%
    • July 15, 2024 – the municipality forfeits their 2025 Act 12 personal property aid payment and DOR will use the best information available to calculate the appropriate aid payments for the applicable taxing jurisdictions
  • Current non-filers – as of today, June 4, 2024, there are 1,194 municipalities that still need to file this report (see PA-551 Non-filer Report)
  • If your municipality is on the non-filer list and you think your form was already submitted, verify your submission:
    • Go to MyDORGov to see the report's filing status – on the "form filing" page, check the "Filing Status" column for that form
    • Reminder:To file the report, you must click "Submit" on the left blue panel within the report

Resources – review before completing the form


Contact us at lgs@wisconsin.gov ​