Electronic filing of Motor Fuel Tax Refund Claims

​​​August 22, 2022

To: County Clerks, County Treasurers, Municipal Clerks, Municipal ​Treasurers

Good morning,

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) would like to share the following information from the Excise Tax Unit in our Income, Sales and Excise Tax Division.

​Many municipalities are filing Motor Fuel Tax Refund Claims (Form MF-001) on paper. Please file Form MF-001 electronically through My Tax Account (MTA).

Some advantages of filing your refund claim electronically

  • Math calculations are completed for you
  • You can partially enter your claim, save it, and complete it later
  • We can assist with your partially completed refund claim after it is saved in MTA
  • You can confirm through MTA that the refund claim was received
  • You can view the claim in MTA after it is submitted
  • You may receive your refund quicker. Refunds are generally issued within 10 to 14 days, compared to eight weeks or more for claims submitted on paper.​

Accessing MTA

Access to MTA is free, simple, secure, and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To file a refund claim, for those already registered to use MTA, simply:

  1. Open your My Tax Account home page
  2. Open your Motor Fuel Tax Refund account
  3. Open, complete, and submit the refund request
  4. Note: If your Motor Fuel Tax Refund account does not appear in MTA, call us at (608) 261-5338
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