Coronavirus Local Recovery Funds Request Form posted – File Today!

​​​​June 8, 2021

To: Municipal and County Clerks, Treasurers and Heads of Government

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) posted Form SL-330: Coronavirus Local Recovery Funds Request today. This is the form municipalities with a population under 50,000 (non-entitlement units of government (NEUs)) must electronically file (e-file) with DOR to request American Rescue Plan Act – Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (LFRF).

Note: If you are a county or metropolitan city, visit the U.S. Department of Treasury (Treasury) website for funding details.

The deadline to request LFRF funds is Friday, June 18, 2021 – make sure to request funds today!

NEUs Requesting Funds

Municipalities must e-file Form SL-330: Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Request within MyDORGov to request payment from the state of Wisconsin.


Payment Information

  • If your municipality does not file timely – your payment may be significantly delayed or forfeited
  • DOR will distribute the first payment by the end of June 2021 using the same banking information utilized by the local government to receive shared revenue


We will continue to send information to help assist local governments through this process.